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Everyone needs true love, it feeds you more than any nourishment; you feel full in the presence of love. But there’s a vast difference between love and true love. True love knows no depth. It’s an endless tunnel that sweeps you up in the whirlwind and you’re never quite free from it. It stays with you. And you hope this person will too. Falling in love is similar to falling in a big pool of warm chocolate. It’s exciting, warm, and engulfing.

Falling in love is probably the best thing that can emotionally happen to a human being. It’s a wonderful feeling. It's euphoric, the high that you never want to come down from. You’re happy, at peace, and satisfied with your partner. No, that is an understatement, this is :the one". "The one" you've dreamed of, the one you dream with, the one you dream for and act those dreams and fantasies out with.

There really isn’t anything better - emotionally - than falling in love. In fact, it affects us physically and mentally as well. The irony is that it sometimes causes us to make "goofy" mistakes. I like to call it the "Hitch effect". Yes Hitch, like the movie starring Will Smith. If you've seen it remember how he was perfect with his words, actions, and guidance, that is, until he fell in love himself. That's when he made his mistakes which was comical to watch. 

However, I find truth in it, we may be the best wordsmiths, planners, organizers, etc. So well put together, until we meet our match, our true love and "fall". We become tripped up, tongue-tied, and even down right "stupid". It's really intriguing the way the heart, body, and mind works. I like to think it's our way of showing "the one" our flaws so they know what and who they are receiving with no filter. So they can accept us for us, if they are our "True Love" they should reveal theirs as well and we find a certain peace within this bond of calamity.

It's really indescribable like the feeling of creating a child. You’re passionate, caring, and more protective of your partner. You want them all to yourself. It feels like you could live with this feeling forever. You change and become a better person, for that person. In fact, you become a part of that person as they become a part of you. Aspiring to live as one, flaws and all happily ever after.

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